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Lil Jon ft. Kool-Aid Man

Create an ugly Christmas sweater for an iconic rapper to wear in a music video with an iconic red drink.


With Club Paradise at the helm for running the production of the music video “All I Really Want for Christmas“, I was brought on board for supporting art. My contribution of an ugly Christmas sweater (true to form), and some CD art showed up as gifts from the Kool-Aid man to Lil Jon.


During the campaign, Kool-Aid put on a social media contest to help boost awareness. The hashtag was “#allireallywantchallenge” and participants danced to the song to try to win a Kool-Aid Man Christmas sweater. The video was super popular on Twitter and elsewhere…amassing 2 billion impressions in 48 hours!


Client: Koolaid & Lil Jon

Production Studio: Club Paradise

Agency: mcgarrybowen