Gluten Free Media Group

Branding, Print Design, Web Design

Client: Gluten Free Media Group   |   Team: Sara Miranda

Creating an Umbrella Company

In September of 2013, I was hired as the creative director of a gluten free company formerly known as the Gluten Free Marketing Group. In 2008, the company started running the Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expos nationwide and then in 2013 acquired Find Me Gluten Free, a mobile “Yelp-like” app. When it launched a subscription box service, Send Me Gluten Free, the name became too confusing to encompass all of GFMG’s offerings. We decided the name Gluten Free Media Group was a better fit and with that name change, we had to rebrand and think of a better brand positioning statement.

“Connecting you to over two million gluten free consumers”

GFMG is a company that brings brands and consumers together. In order to communicate and network the two, we have a website, reach out to brands offering marketing through our various venues and we exhibit at food-specific events like Expo West.