Figgin' Fruit

Package Design, Branding, Illustration

Agency: Pivot

Team: Liz Schwartz, John TomkiwMichael Bast

Hello Delicious Brands wanted a new perspective on Fig Drops, a product that was slow to move off shelves. Our team did some research and found that people associated fig cookies with an older generation, so we aimed to modernize the ingredients and give the product name and packaging a hipper look.

Cap’n Mac Figgins was born in this process and we developed the brand around his adventurous nature. I had a lot of fun referencing vintage sailor tattoo illustrations and matched the taste appeal to this style. The colored pencils brought to life a character that sails the world looking for new tastes, and speaks to a younger consumer that is intrigued by this look. Michael Bast provided beautifully rendered versions of the cookie itself to make sure we got the best taste appeal possible.


Below is a rendering of the corrugated PDQ* store display. Colors were limited to three including black, so the result became a rugged interpretation of the Cap’n, which ended up working out nicely.

*For those not familiar with the term, it means Pretty Damn (or Darn) Quick… I know, right?