Corny Activation


Agency: PKG
Team: Liz SchwartzRoss Freedman

This is a brand activation concept pitched to State Fair Corn Dogs. This concept was written to provide a personality and playfulness to State Fair’s marketing strategy. The experience would be to follow a cast of corn dog recurring characters.

Original Setup:

In a world that places a lot of importance on the serious business of being a kid, there’s WAY too much time devoted to becoming an over-scheduled, structured tiny grownup. And not enough time to be…well…silly and stupid. You gotta tell a few idiotic knock-knock jokes that make you laugh until the milk comes out of your nose every now and then!

So let’s follow Cleetus Corndog to his home world—the oblong planet Corndogolis. Where the ground is mostly made of long, tiny planks of wood, the rings around it are made of deep-fried corn batter, and its “people” are all 100% State Fair Brand corn dogs. Most importantly, it’s a place where the regular rules DO. NOT. APPLY.