2018 Gluten Free Valentines

They’re back for 2018!! Get a copy to print here!

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Figgin’ Fruit making the rounds

Aside from seeing packaging in the stores, it’s also exciting to see design blogs that I…

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Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Cards

This week the Gluten Free Media Group and I produced adorable Valentine’s Day cards available…

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Ball Park Display sighting

Sighted: Ball Park Grilling display in your friendly neighborhood Dominick’s! Sadly, sans grill top and…

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VCSO Cam Monday

Pilsen second Friday art walk Read More

Zombie Show Opener

I found one of my awful/awesome school projects from 2005. What a gem. I’m pretty…

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I can paint faster than you can

A quick experiment in sped up video and a little motion graphics.  

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